#Unbroken - My Day With Hannah Cockroft MBE

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#Unbroken - My Day With Hannah Cockroft MBE

Last year, we interviewed three amazing disabled women, all with very different professions, about times in their life where they've felt broken. They told us how they overcame these moments and shared their views on the idea of perfection.

This is the first set of a series of videos we will be creating to amplify the voices of disabled people. The campaign is titled #Unbroken, tying in with the ethos behind kintsugi - the Japanese art form of mending broken pottery with gold, rendering it more valuable, not less. 

By now, you may have seen the first of these videos, featuring comedian, playwright and activist Jackie Hagan, who lost her leg after suffering blood clots and life-threatening infections. We have now released the second video, featuring Hannah Cockroft MBE, as she talks about being an 11-year-old girl finding out that she wouldn't be able to wear heels like her friends because of her splints. 

Hannah reflects on notions of femininity and how they are often tied into the image of a heel, but she also says her friends pulled around her and supported her - they actually all wore Converse in solidarity, which really highlights the power of friendship and sisterhood. 

Filming with Hannah up in Halifax was a great experience. The film crew were desperate to see her gold medals up close, as well as how racing wheelchairs worked - and Hannah was happy to oblige. As you can see from the videos, Hannah is an incredibly warm, down-to-earth and articulate woman. 

The final cuts of the video - one short, one long - are packed with powerful insights and advice, and I hope that, in watching them, you gain something from them...


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