The magical power of pockets

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The magical power of pockets

If you've been following Kintsugi Clothing for a while now, you'll probably have seen some of our pro-pocket propaganda. Almost all of our garments have pockets - some of them are massive and can accommodate items from medical devices to a medium bottle of gin (hey, we're not judging). 

And it appears that our preferences for pockets are widely shared by women across the country. According to a YouGov poll last year (in collaboration with Caroline Criado-Perez) women want their clothing to have functional pockets. 

The strength of feeling about this differed depending on the item of clothing and the age of the respondent. Women aged 18-39 were especially likely, for example, to say they want functional pockets on dresses and skirts, but the overall desire for the feature in dresses/skirts was lower than it was for other types of garment. 

When it came to trousers, respondents were almost unanimous in their call for useful pockets (eight in ten would choose pockets large enough to fit their hands in, versus no pockets at all). 

Also interesting was this gem of information: "Almost four in ten women (38%) say they have found themselves admiring an item of clothing only to put it back on the rack once they realised it had no pockets."

An image of the graph showing women were less likely to buy an item of clothing if it didn't have pockets

A different piece of research, carried out in 2018 by content platform 'The Pudding' in the US, showed that - on average - the pockets in women’s jeans are 48% shorter and 6.5% narrower than men’s pockets. As we mentioned earlier, we believe in pockets you can keep all your VIPs (very important possessions) in. 

On the other hand, there are likely to be specific reasons why people prefer not to have pockets in their clothing. From an inclusivity perspective, we wonder whether this is to do with their position. For wheelchair users, for example, pockets at hip level aren't very accessible (i.e. you can put your hand in easily when standing, but not when seated). And if they're on the back or seat of jeans, they can cause discomfort.

So, while we do love a pocket (and have relocated them to a more accessible point on our Olympia-Strike jeans), we understanding that - as with houses - it's a matter of location, location, location! 

What are your feelings about pockets? Would you be put off buying an item of clothing if it didn't have them? Or would you happily sacrifice the storage space? 

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