The accessible items we're loving this week: underwear edition

A bad pair of undies can ruin an outfit (think VPL) and ruin your day. A good pair can make all the difference. This week, we look at the companies making great, accessible undies. 

Accessible clothing isn't just about what's on the outside. The feel, look and design of your underwear is just as important. We've all got that pair of knicks that digs in, rides up or are just straight up tricky to get into. Not to mention that ridiculous bows and ruffles number you bought to treat your significant other but are too impractical to ever be worn!

The three companies we're about to mention take into account comfort, style and accessibility to create some A* grade underwear.

Slick Chicks


Let's start with Slick Chicks, which designs underwear with side fastenings that make putting them on and taking them off easy whether you're "sitting, standing or laying down". Their collection features tanga, hipster and brief styles ($22-28) so choose your favourite and treat yourself to some practical panties.


Vanilla Blush


The next brand we love is Vanilla Blush - particularly their 'Pretty in Python' knickers, although their whole collection is fashionable and supports stoma appliances/ostomy pouches. In their own words: "They have a completely cotton internal pocket running from left to right, which means your stoma appliance/ostomy pouch is no longer against your skin." At £13, they're a steal!


Esteem - No Pause


Finally, let us introduce you to Esteem - No Pause, if you're not already acquainted. The brand's founder, Jane Hallam, was getting frustrated with the night sweats associated with peri-menopause, and she wasn't impressed with the shapeless clothing solutions aimed at menopausal women.

So, she started her own company, using breathable fabrics that help to wick away moisture, easy to maintain and wrinkle-free. Her collection has helped plenty of women stay cool and dry during the menopause and we think that's fantastic.

What do you think of this week's accessible choices? Are there any other brands you'd like to see featured in this series?