The accessible items we're loving this week

It's the small and indie brands that are driving positive change when it comes to accessible clothing and accessories. Let's show them some love.

The more we grow our business, the more we come across other, like-minded companies. Most of them are bigger than Kintsugi, but many aren't as well-known as we think they should be. To counter that, we're giving them shout-outs, and sharing some excellent innovations with you in the process.

Designed 2 Enable

There are three items we've got the heart eyes emoji for this week. The first of which is this fab pair of finger-less wheelchair gloves from Designed 2 Enable (£75). Our favourite colour way is the navy with the cranberry strap - such a cute combination. Each pair is made in the UK using Hair Sheep leather from Africa.

Jaunty Wheelchair Gloves


Able Magazine reviewed them, saying: "These fingerless leather gloves represent the best of both worlds. Not only are they substantially made from good quality leather with strong precision stitching but in utilising an interior suede fabric pad (for the palm) they are very comfortable."

You can read more about the story behind the gloves, including the woman who designed them, here.


Inga Wellbeing

The next item we're loving is from Inga Wellbeing, a company that creates beautiful clothing for patients undergoing medical treatment. The Inga team is comprised of four awesome women (of course, it is) and their message is, "that patients no longer need to accept the humiliating and awkward status quo. Instead, they can choose clothing that is fit for purpose and beneficial to their physical wellbeing, as well as looking great and being wonderful to wear."

Women’s relaxed trousers

If you like, you can read more about them here.

One of their products that caught our attention was this pair of relaxed jersey trousers (£69.95), which come in a choice of three colours: dusky pink, soft grey and midnight blue. They have "discreet access" to the groin area and both legs via a series of poppers - and you'd really never know. They're also that flattering style, like a pair of yoga pants, AND they have pockets (you know how we feel about pockets!). If you have a family member undergoing hospital treatment, Inga Wellbeing is the place to go for a thoughtful and useful gift.


The Able Label

Last but not least, we've picked this front-fastening bra from The Able Label (£36), another female-founded company (#justsaying). The front closure is like the kind you see on bikini tops sometimes, making it easier to put on, and the design is just beautiful.

Front Fastening 9245 Wonderwire Bra - White

The 'Glamorise Front Fastening Wonderwire Bra' has a cushioned comfort band and wire that never touches the body, so if you've had any kind of breast surgery, or don't want the hassle of a back-fastening bra, we'd recommend investing in one of these bad boys!


We hope you've enjoyed our company and product recommendations for this week. If there are any brands or products you LOVE, please recommend them to us and we can feature them in a future blog post. Companies in this area of the fashion industry are driven by hard-working, creative people, so we're always happy to give some virtual fist bumps.