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Two articles in a row on Disability Rights UK: one about the thousands of disabled people denied the right to compensation following a catastrophic DWP blunder; the other about a severely ill patient who was instructed to leave hospital to attend a Job Centre, despite the fact he was being treated for a condition that later killed him.  The first article focuses on mistakes made when disabled people were moved from incapacity benefit (IB) to employment and support allowance (ESA). Thousands of those claimants were underpaid because the DWP failed to consider whether they qualified for income-related ESA rather than just for...

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Disabled people have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic. They make up six out of ten deaths attributed to the virus and are also, it seems, more likely to be made redundant than non-disabled people.  According to the ONS report 'Coronavirus and redundancies in the UK labour market: September to November 2020', of the employees recorded as being disabled in the period July-Nov 2020, 21.1 per thousand were made redundant. Looking at the employees who were not disabled, 13.0 per thousand were made redundant.  Another kicker is that disabled people on legacy benefits (ESA/JSA) haven't had the £20 uplift that UC...

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