Sustainability: Chromat's New York Fashion Week show

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Sustainability: Chromat's New York Fashion Week show

The tide is turning when it comes to sustainability in the fashion industry, and Chromat is leading the way

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, Chromat is well-known for repping diversity and inclusion. But this year's NYFW show blew everything out of the water - by taking a whole load of pollution out of it! Models wore pieces from Designer Becca McCharen-Tran's 'Climatic' collection, featuring swimwear made with sustainable, regenerated nylon, spun from fishing nets recovered from the ocean. Creating apparel with a focus on sustainability is something they've apparently done for some time, but not shouted about.


Another thing Chromat has done for some time is to hire models of all body types, races, ages and genders. This includes disabled models; Mama Cax made her debut with Chromat at last year's NY Fashion week. This year's show was no different and we LOVE Chromat for it.

In fact, we loved most things about the collection; the neon blues, purples and pinks, and most of the cuts and styles (even the daring, booty revealing ones). But underboob is a trend we're not overly keen on. We've seen a growing number of influencers embracing it, so it's simply a matter of personal preference. The models' makeup was on point, however, and the use of accessories to further the message about environmental damage was cleverly done.

Overall, we were delighted and inspired by Chromat's show. We watched it on Instagram, where they kindly posted it as a story. The energy and excitement of the audience were palpable and we were definitely jealous of the people in front row seats.

This year's show sent a very clear message to other brands about diversity and sustainability in the fashion industry: come on in, the water's fine!

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