Small Business Britain's d:Entrepreneur campaign

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Small Business Britain's d:Entrepreneur campaign

The campaign logo, showing the letter d in light grey followed by a colon and the word entrepreneur in purple


Earlier this month, Kintsugi won the 'Digital Star' award at The Small Awards, an event organised by Small Business Britain to celebrate the work of small businesses that can often go unnoticed. We were delighted to win and to see other brilliant companies pick up recognition for their ideas and innovations. But that wasn't the only thing we were pleased about.

Small Business Britain used the awards ceremony to showcase their new d:Entrepreneur campaign; a campaign designed to tell the stories of businesses led by disabled entrepreneurs. The campaign's website explains: "There are 14 million disabled people in the UK and nearly 20% of working age adults are disabled. Many start their own business and many more aspire to. d:Entrepreneur will celebrate, enable and champion that mission."

One example is Seema Flower, Founder and Managing Director of Blind Ambition. As a visual awareness and disabilities expert, Seema has delivered training to companies such as Facebook, Microsoft and John Lewis. She has been registered blind since she was nine years old and has gone on to create a successful chain of businesses and property portfolio. Last year, she was listed in the Shaw Trust #DisabilityPower100.

Just as we shine a light on the achievements of female entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of colour, it is important to do the same in all other areas where people face additional socio-political challenges and obstacles. The d:Entrepreneur campaign is a brilliant example of this process in practice.

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