Feeding Tube Awareness Week: A Roundup

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Feeding Tube Awareness Week: A Roundup

As feeding tube awareness week comes to an end, we wanted to take a look at some of the facts and figures and share some of our favourite social media influencers who are educating the world about tube feeding.  

The British Artificial Nutrition Survey (2011) indicates that there are 26,600 adult patients receiving home enteral tube feeding in the UK. Reasons for this include Cancer, Stroke, Cystic Fibrosis, problems with swallowing and central nervous system conditions.

  • There are different types of feeding tubes: ones that go through the nose into the stomach, ones that go through your stomach into your intestine and ones that go through a vein into the heart.
  • While some people have medical conditions that require them to use tube feeding indefinitely, for others it is a temporary arrangement.
  • Some people who have feeding tubes can also eat by mouth. Others can’t. Everyone is different.

At Kintsugi, we were stalled (thanks, pandemic) in our efforts to produce a top that’s ideal for peg-tubes. We have a prototype and, once things are more stable, we hope to take that into production. We do, however, have a top that's useful for accessing port-a-caths - the Frances top

For now, we want to leave you with three of our favourite influencers, educating the world about tube feeding – and, often, so much more!

Katherine Hawthorne

Katherine is a brilliant person to follow on Instagram, not only for the educational information she shares about chronic illness but for her fashion sense and vibrant hair colour choices! Her style is super cute.

“It’s so hard to be body confident with medical devices and illnesses- especially when there is so little representation in the media. it’s been rough but slowly, i’ve learned to embrace my differences and i’m so proud of my body for everything it’s been through!!! disabled bodies are beautiful and i won’t stop fighting to normalize medical devices and chronic illnesses.”


Julian Gavino

Julian Gavino is a model, activist and writer. He talks candidly about a range of topics and has a beautiful, eclectic fashion identity.

“Food has deep cultural, familial, and social ties. It can be really hard to accept losing pieces of that. Please please please continue to include us anyways. Each person will want to be honored differently, so if you’re not sure how to respectfully include someone, then ASK.”



While not technically an individual ‘influencer’, we wanted to share Tubieego anyway. It’s A UK based company specialising in feeding pump backpacks and accessories, designed by a nurse and physio who also happens to be a lovely person!


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