Diversity at New York Fashion Week

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Diversity at New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week starts today, and we could not be more grateful for the option of watching live online! NYFW is always packed with excitement, inspiration and plenty of surprises. 

What we're really hoping to see is an increase in diversity. Take a look at The Fashion Spot's post about NYFW Spring 2019 (which took place in September last year). Race, size, gender, age... ahem, we think NYFW might have missed something.

Chromat on Instagram

While there were highlights - Rihanna's casting of a pregnant model and of plus-size models (more than all-but-two other designers) and a small increase in transgender and non-binary models - there were some disappointing statistics. There were only 12 over-50 castings, and 49 plus-size models (2.2%) in 12 shows (an improvement, but mainly down to a select number of designers). And, as The Valuable 500's recent campaignsays, if you're not considering disability, you're not considering diversity.

There are some promising talks taking place at NYFW this month, including "Fashion as an agent of social change" and "How we changed it", both appearing to focus on inclusivity, sustainability and changing industries for the better. Whether they will mention disability is another matter, but we can hope.

The shows we are looking forward to seeing the most are Chromat and Self Portrait. Chromat pretty consistently represents women of all shapes and sizes, and we love the structure and texture of Self Portrait's dresses.

Chromat's show is at 5pm today and Self Portrait's show is at 10am on Saturday. If you're going to be watching, let us know your thoughts. We'll be sharing our favourite picks from various designers throughout the week, here on our blog. Stay tuned!

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