BRB, it's time to talk about CBD!

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BRB, it's time to talk about CBD!

It's International CBD day today, apparently. But what better occasion is there to talk about Cannabidiol?

For many people with chronic pain, CBD oils and salves are hugely beneficial. CBD, for the uninitiated, is an organic compound found in hemp or cannabis plants.

CBD products won't get you high. It's a different compound in marijuana that causes this effect and only miniscule amounts of it are permitted in CBD products. 

Most people using these products do so for their health benefits. Reddit users discussing this topic have reported a variety of positive outcomes. One user, whose elderly mother was using CBD oil for her arthritis, commented: "The inflammation in her joints is gone, mobility and energy is up". 

Other Reddit conversations around CBD products focus on its use for mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

There is also a licensed drug called Sativex, which is made from the two compounds mentioned above and used to treat spasticity in MS. Information on the Multiple Sclerosis Society's website suggests that it doesn't always work for people. 

What are your opinions on CBD products? Have you tried them? Which ones would you recommend? Do you think the government could do more to make medicinal cannabis more widely available?

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