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"When you discuss perfect in terms of the way you look, actually, it is what you want to be. Perfect is just being happy within yourself."
Hannah Cockroft on High Heels and High Paralympic Hopes
Posability Magazine - June 29, 2020
"Inclusive clothing company Kintsugi asked its high-profile customers to open up about when they felt most defeated by society – and how they rallied, adapted and overcame it."
Comedian talks of 'finding her people' in project highlighting disabled community’s most iconic individuals
Wigan Today - March 18, 2020
"Hagan discussed her journey with her mental and physical health as part of a campaign for disability-conscious, adaptive clothing brand Kintsugi."
Queer, disabled comedian eloquently explains why ‘the idea of perfection is really dangerous'
Pink News - March 17, 2020
"SilkFred is a fantastic website that is not only excited about the latest designers, but also about diversity in fashion"
SilkFred stocks 'inclusive' clothing brand
Drapers - February 17, 2020
""The brand is about empowerment – it’s a middle finger to the fashion industry’s reluctance to represent people who fall outside its narrow limits""
Why 2019 was a landmark year for disabled fashion
The Guardian - December 30, 2019
""It seemed to me that the fashion industry doesn't see disabled people as consumers and that was something I couldn't stop thinking about""
Kintsugi - Disability Conscious Clothing
Lancashire Life
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